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Notice received from our suppler dated May 03, 2016: We recently received a letter from the FDA regarding our last FDA inspection of our manufacturing facilities. The FDA inspects our facility once a year and they have not had any issue with our manufacturing of homeopathic diet drops containing HCG in the past.

The letter stated that they want us to stop putting word “HCG” on product labels. We also cannot use the word “homeopathic” on the label unless all the homeopathics in the formula are found in the HPUS.

Starting on July 1st the words "HCG" and possibly "Homeopathic" will be removed from our labels and our client private labels.

Our formulas will likely remain the same. If the formula contained HCG in the past, it will continue to have HCG but it just won't be listed on the label.

Thank you for visiting.